Having the Galloway Viking Hoard in Kirkcudbright can bring benefits to the region – and after 1,000 years safely buried in our soil, this really is its home.

You can help to have it exhibited locally by emailing a brief letter of support to Dumfries and Galloway Council and Scottish Archaeological Finds Allocation Panel (SAFAP).

We have provided some suggested text below.

The sooner you act the better. The Communities Committee meets on 7 March to decide how to take forward the council’s bid for the hoard – they would really value expressions of public support.

Crucially SAFAP is due to meet on 23 March and decide whether it goes to Edinburgh or is returned home to Dumfries and Galloway.

Make your voice heard by emailing:

You should be able to simply copy and paste the letter below onto a document of your own. If you have any problems just email us at and we’ll gladly send it to you on a Word document.

You can also click here and sign our online petition at



Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my support for the Galloway Viking Hoard to have its permanent or regular home at the new Kirkcudbright Art Gallery.

This important discovery will make a really significant contribution to our understanding of the region’s past and awareness of its distinctive historical identity. It also presents an unparalleled opportunity to encourage visitors of all ages, from across the world, to visit Dumfries and Galloway and also to access many of our other historic sites and museums across the region.

In Kirkcudbright, the hoard would be welcomed and cherished.  It would provide a springboard for a variety of initiatives, events and activities. It would take pride of place in its rightful home context – rather than becoming just another treasure amongst hundreds in Edinburgh.

This is exactly the kind of bold and imaginative thinking that Scotland should be embracing during this 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Please make my views known to those involved in making the decisions about the future of this magnificent collection.

Yours faithfully,

Signed on behalf of: